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Jungle trekking offers unforgettable opportunity to visitors to experience first-hand the extraordinary beauty of nature at its best! There are many options for overland journeys. Each trail promises a different adventure, yet all are equally fascinating.

If you are planning to camp, it is important that you are well equipped in every way and physically fit. Note these as a guide:

Tents with aluminium poles, built-in floor, zippered insect screen and separate fly-sheet are excellent for camping out, though they are rather expensive and often quite heavy.For an alternative, a 2m x 3m plastic sheet pulled taut across a tight rope between poles or trees is cheaper and requires little or no cutting of vegetation. You can use ponchos spread underneath serve as a ground sheet. Please note that the kind of camp-beds that require cutting of poles to support them are not permitted; but a string hammock suspended between two trees, with a fly-sheet strung up above, is excellent in the lowlands.

It is cool enough at night for a cotton blanket in the lowland forest. But in the mountains, you will need a woollen blanket or a proper sleeping bag.

Try not to take risks to use a cheap rucksack. More expensive rucksacks have a strong rectangular frame (internal or external), tough waterproof cloth, padded shoulder straps and a waist belt; and they are comfortable even when heavily loaded. Try to borrow or hire one if you donÕt wish to buy one. Cooking equipment. Army-type mess tins is the best because you can both cook in them and eat out of them, and save weight, too. If you are in a group, organise communal cooking - bring one large pot for rice or water, and a medium pot for dishes.

The best all-around heat source is the army-type solid-fuel tablets and the simple folding stove that comes with them. They are safe, light-weight, efficient, economical, and even usable inside a tent if necessary.

Jogging shoes with cushioned soles are excellent. Jungle boots are fine as long as they fit comfortably. Leather boots give good support, but soon get sodden and awfully heavy in the rain forest. Beware of using new shoes - they should be well "broken in" before you set off on your trek.

Spare footwear.
Flip-flops(thongs) are fine around the camp and will get you home in an emergency.

Shirt and long trousers of loose-fitting cotton. Non-chafing underwear. Leech socks. One spare set of clothes to keep dry and wear at night.  A sarong for changing, and for an emergency bandage/sling.

As with everything else, minimise weight if you can! Though rice isn't light, at least it is filling. Dehydrated packet soups can be used in conjunction with canned food or to fill out meals of instant noodles. Ikan bilis and raw peanuts are nutritious, tasty, and easily fried in a little oil.

You may like to carry some fresh ingredients like onions, garlic, or even eggs (wrapped in paper and carried in a mess-tin).

A breakfast of muesli-made from rolled oats, assorted nuts and dried fruit, "Horlicks", glucose powder and milk powder (just add water, hot or cold), gives you a good flow of energy through the day.

A biscuit snack and a guzzle of water should suffice in the middle of the day. At night, caffein-free drinks like warm milk may help to get your weary body to sleep.

A convenient way to carry many foodstuffs is in double plastic bags tied with string. Your water. Any sort of strong screw-top container (750ml or 1 litre) will do for a personal water bottle. In addition, a 5-litre container is useful when your camp is away from a stream.

To minimise weight, all food should bemeasured out in advance, allowing one extra day's rations. On most walks, it is not necessary to carry water as many small streams will be crossed. But if you have a day on a ridge ahead of you, you will need to drink a lot less along the way.

If you begin to suffer headaches or nausea, try taking a little salt when you drink, to replace body salt lost when you sweat.

Your rubbish.
In all the National Parks over the world nowadays, trekkers are asked to bring back all of their unburnable rubbish to the Park Headquarters. on average this is less than 200g per person! Empty cans can be washed and bashed flat to take up minimum room in your rucksack.

Please note that there is no need to bring any glass on a jungle trek.

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Bird Watching

Bird-watchers get your binoculars ready! Three kinds of kingfishers with beautiful blue wings are commonly seen. They are the white-throated kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis) with a dark brown head and abdomen; the stork-billed kingfisher (Pelargopsis capensis) is larger, with a bright red beak and a very pale brown head; and the black-capped kingfisher (Halcyon pileata) with a red beak and white collar.


Fishing is one of the main attraction for visitors. We charge RM50 for 3 hours.

Most angling is done with artificial lures on a spinning reel. But in season, local fruits such as buah maris can be used as bait. The best fishing period is in the drier months, February to April, and June to August.

Anglers will find the camp site a real paradise!

Local Attractions

"One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Selangor, Sungai Gabai Waterfalls consist several falls cascading from an impressive height of 100 metres to a series of pool at the foot of the falls."

On the same road to Sungai Chongkak in Hulu Langat district is the refreshing site of the Sungai Gabai Waterfalls. One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Selangor, Sungai Gabai Waterfalls consist several falls cascading from an impressive height of 100m to a series of pool at the foot of the falls.

The swirling, gushing water making its descent simply a sight to behold. Apart from swimming and picnicking, wading in the river among the rocks and boulders can be an exciting outing for the whole family.

Selangor Sungai Gabai Waterfalls

The waterfalls offer a picturesque view of several falls which cascade down over 100 meters, culminating in a broad, photogenic plunge into a series of small pools suitable for swimming.

Selangor Sungai Gabai Waterfalls

The Sungai Batangsi Waterfalls and Sungai Lallang Recreational Forest are down the same road to Hulu Langat.